Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!

Firstly, my apologies for the lack of blogs on this site over the last few months.

The reason is that I have set up another blog and that, together with keeping up with a new blogging community, has taken up my normal blogging time.

I hate to jump ship but I feel more free to say what’s on my mind on the other site, rather than on this one where some people may feel offended (or embarressed) because some of what I blog may not be in line with "Christian teaching" – and I don’t want any comments about what I should (or shouldn’t) be doing with whom. Not that all I blog about is on those lines, it’s just that I wanted the freedom to say what I really felt about life, the universe and everything,

I also find coding, uploading, and browing easier there than here, probably because I’m lousy at it.

Feel free to drop by and visit sometime.

My thanks to Fave and Chris far all their hard work on this site. I will pop back and read what people are up to – so don’t stop blogging folks 🙂

Happy doc time

Went to see my doctor this morning for the official verdict on my results and he’s very happy with my results. Even my cholesterol is normal!!!

I’d also managed to lose 1 1/2 kg since I last saw him which means that I’m slowly losing pounds as well as inches and it’s a sustainable reduction.

I guess special thanks must go to E & A at the gym. E persuaded me to join and always greets me with a smile and lots of encouragement. A did my induction and follow-up and always comes over for a chat when he sees me. He’s also been checking what is best for diabetes & asthma so I’ve a plan that’s easy to do when my body is unwilling, and which I can crank up a notch when I have the energy.

I’ve still a long way to go….

And I did get told off for not using my steroid inhaler when I’m feeling well.

But still a happy doc!

Good news

Phoned up my doctor’s surgery at linchtime for the results on Monday’s blood tests.


It doesn’t mean I’m no longer diabetic – just that the tablets, gym sessions and watching what I eat have all been worthwhile.

The missing gene

I have come to the belief that the the difference between men and women is genetic.

This gene contains the ability to understand the workings office equipment, lack of which renders the subject incapable of any movement other than staring into space. The subject is unable to decipher symbols indicting faults, and simple instructions are rendered unintelligible.

The subject suffering from the missing gene will appear to the untrained eye as an investigative character, with the ability to press buttons and pull levers. This is a camouflage mechanism which has evolved over the years which allows the sufferer to appear normal and assimilate them into the office environment. The sufferer is rendered speechless and is therefore unable to request assistance. They can only cope with their genetic deficit by walking away and denial.

This genetic abnormality is not specific to the male of the species, but predominates in that gender. This trait is most commonly found in salesmen; accountants and management.

Do not subject the sufferer to abuse or disparaging remarks, but treat gently and ease their discomfort by removing them from the environment.

Sufferers can be trained to overcome some of their genetically induced reactions but this takes time and patience on the part of their carers.

It is often easier to take control and do it yourself.

Cranking up the body

It’s amazing just how quickly I’ve adapted to going to the gym!

So much so that I had another induction today and I’m now doing some "power" exercises rather than just cardio.

It means that my programme has increased from 30 mins to an hour, but there’s a lot of variety and toys to play with (and on).

Mind you, my body is starting to ache atm as I also did an aqua aerobics class, and I did the whole new programme right through after the run through with the instructor – in effect doing some of the exercises twice.

It’s still early days though – I wonder if I’ll be as eager to go when it’s raining and dark and cold of an evening?

My mother

My mother came to London today – only for a few hours as she "didn’t want to be late getting back".

I didn’t recognise her at the station. It wasn’t the haircut, although it is now straight and short and has changed the shape of her face. It was how small she looked on the seat; how her clothes hung off her; how pale she was. I also noticed that she now walks with a stoop, bent over, hunched shoulders. She’s also become forgetful, not of things but of words. Her mind is active and working but too fast for conversation without repetition or stumbling over phrases and names.

She is adamant that she is fit and well, and she probably is, it’s just not MY mother.

MY mother was always round, well built. Though small in height she stood tall with the deportment learnt through years of dance training when young. She had colour in her cheeks and her hair was not grey but brown and wavy. She fitted her clothes, and filled them. Now they hang, and she claims they’ve got bigger.

She enjoyed the walk along the Thames, lunch at Southwark Cathedral, seeing dancers tangoing outside Tate Modern. But the day seemed heavy and slow.

She’s grown old, and I can see the tiredness of her body and realise that although we’ve never seen eye to eye; that we’ve had our moments of hate; our time together is passing whilst we’re busy making small talk over coffee.